eye make-up

When should you replace your mascara?

Mascara is one of the most frequently used make-up products. In its popularity it outrivals even lipstick. An average woman uses about 250 bottles of mascara in her lifetime. It is one of those products we cannot (and do not want to) live without. ...Read More

Colourful dizziness – All sorts of eye pencils

Our grandmothers knew only four shades of eye pencils. Classic black, brown, blue and green. About their durability and skin care we could conduct long dispute. However, nowadays composition of eye pencils is much more careful, so it not only provides beautiful and durable ...Read More

Daytime smoky eyes. Make-up step by step

Intense eye make-up is reserved mostly for nights, but there is one simple version that you can easily use during the day. We present you daytime smoky eyes – step by step. 1. EYE SHADOW BASE – PREPARE YOUR SKIN If you have eye ...Read More