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Cottonseed oil : properties, use and opinions

Cottonseed oil is created as a result of cold pressing seeds of cotton plants of various species. Unlike most oils, it is not suitable for use after just pressing. Only thanks to the refining process cottonseed oil is completely free of the undesirable substance. Gossypol ...Read More

DIY Hair mask with chia

Hair masks became really popular lately. We buy them at drugstores and pharmacies or make them by ourselves at home. One of those home-made cosmetics is hair mask with chia. Sounds mysterious? See for yourself, what are effects of the treatment with this cosmetic. ...Read More

Ceramides – What is it?

Our skin and hair are made of really small and invisible to human eye, ingredients. Those are ceramides, which are chemical organic compounds that can be count to lipids. They have really important role in functioning of epidermis, dermis and hair. After all, they ...Read More