Amla and Bhringraj oils – suited duet for your hair.

Oils are the real source of nourishing and restoring ingredients for our hair. They are extremely powerful. But what happens if we combine two oils for the sake of beauty and care? Surely, you can do it. However, in order to choose proportions and oils skilfully, it’s better to rely on the knowledge and experience of cosmetic companies i.e. on professionals.

The company – Orienatana – is at the forefront of making marvelous and natural oils. It offers several perfectly balanced products for hair oiling. One of them is Amla and Bhringraj Ayurveda Hair Oil.

Valuable substances included in the oil are simply dazzling, among others almond, sesame and coconut oil, extract of basil and acai seeds. But the main heroes among the ingredients are seed extracts of two Indian plants, used and recognized in the Eastern medicine, namely : amla and bhringraj.

What is so special about these two plants?

BHRINGRAJ (Eclipta Alba) – a plant found in India, Thailand and China. It excellently prevents hair loss, hinders premature greying, eliminates dandruff and even moisturizes hair. It is provided with shine and softness.

AMLA (Emblica Officinalis)

This tree grows in India and Malesia. It’s called Indian gooseberry as its fruit resemble gooseberry. Amla has been used in medicine for ages and also successfully used as a hair product. It provides hair bulbs with quick and long-term strenthening, prevents hair loss and splitting. It will help women who are growing their hair as it stimulates its growth.

The application is very easy: massage a few drops into damp hair and scalp, doing a gentle massage for several minutes. Leave it on your hair for a few hours or overnight and cover it with a towel or foil hat (warmth activates the properties of the oil). Then, wash your hair with a delicate shampoo – preferably SLS-free (detergents-free) which would disturb the performance of the oil.