Short eyelashes? That’s not a problem! Check out how to help your lashes grow longer

I have always had short eyelashes. 

It’s a genetic trait, there’s nothing I can do about it.

I have often had lash false extensions done which ruined my natural lashes.

I have pulled out my own lashes when taking off the fake ones, my own lashes will not grow back.

I take a lot of medicine, there is no chance I’ll ever have long and thick lashes.


Those and other myths repeated over and over have already harmed many women. They just simply stopped looking for a reliable and effective method to take care of their lashes and increase their growth. Meanwhile, it is very easy, all you need to do is to get in the possession of an appropriate product to reinforce and regenerate them.

Eyelashes draw their power from the bulbs – their only living part that is some kind of a ‘the meaning of existence’- the root, without which lashes weaken, die and fall out. Therefore, the most important thing in eyelash nutrition is to strengthen the part that is not visible and which is their main support.

Until recently, a lash bulb strengthening treatment was nearly impossible. Today, the market has been conquered by a cosmetic designed especially to take care and nurture eyelashes. An eyelash serum is a remedy to all, even most difficult problems related to weak and thinning lashes.

An eyelash serum usually comes in a liquid formula and is equipped with a thin applicator resembling an eyeliner (but this one is clear). It is to be applied to the upper lashline but it requires a few minutes to be fully absorbed. The product works on the source of the problem – it reinforces and nurtures the bulb and in consequence, it extends the growth phase. This, on the other hand, gives tiny lashes more time to grow longer and stronger. Eyelash serum is able to stimulate even dormant bulbs – this way the lash line becomes fuller. The product has already gained a lot of supporters due to its spectacular effects: even women who had short or thin lashes now can enjoy an eyelid full of long and strong and beautiful lashes. The application is very easy and takes no time. Thanks to a regular use of a top-rated eyelash serum, after a month you will notice a significant difference in their condition and appearance. Not without reason eyelash serums are very often related to as ‘lashes in a bottle’.