What’s the plan, Mums? Coconut & almond oil. Comparison

Pregnancy and the time when a child is finally with us is the time when we want to take care not only of ourselves but also of the newborn. Hence, we reach for natural and safe cosmetics which deliver comprehensive care to skin. Luckily, there are two oils which are completely unbeatable in this field: sweet almond oil and coconut oil. Today, we’re going to take a closer look at both of them and find out whether they differ in any extent. Which one of them serves mums and their babies better?

Coconut oil – it resembles butter, in low temperature it’s form is solid, it melts in 24 (and more) degrees Celsius. When refined, it isn’t suitable for body and hair care because it is deprived of precious mineral substances. Non-refined coconut oil, in turn, is a source of many minerals and vitamins. This natural substance is perfect for treating skin and prevents bacteria multiplication due to a high concentration of a fatty acid known as Lauric. Its presence determines that coconut oil has strong antiseptic feature, simultaneously delivering relieving and skin-healing action.

When mixed with warm water it becomes runny, therefore, it can be added to a child bathtub. Of course, the smell of coconut oil is very pleasant and the substance itself soothes irritated skin. Also, it helps combat small spots (e.g. infantile lichen) that appear on a child’s body. Since coconut oil aids in healing skin lesions, it shouldn’t be surprising that it helps eliminate the aftermath of diaper dermatitis.

Sweet almond oil – not that dense oil of yellowish, fair colour and delicate aroma. Perfect for treating all skin types and medium porosity hair (it’s composition is dominated by Oleic acid, which belongs to omega-9 fatty acids group). This oil is delicate for skin, doesn’t cause irritations. In fact, it works the other way round since it relieves infections and irritations, prevent skin dehydration and is willingly used for bathing. Moreover, almond oil contains an array of vitamins and minerals, and its soothing and healing features are used to cure cradle cap.

Additionally, sweet almond oil contains huge quantities of vitamin A and E as well as many B-group vitamins, yet this isn’t all. This natural oil also features: magnesium, phosphor, manganese, iron, potassium, zinc and sodium. What almond oil is responsible for is replenishing skin with lipids by creating a protecting layer shielding skin from toxins. What’s interesting, it’s worth rubbing sweet almond oil into belly because it prevents stretch marks as it will be easier for the skin to return to its pre-pregnancy form.