Five Methods Of Hair Oiling

Hair oiling has become extremely popular. The Internet and guide books elaborate on the healthful properties of natural oils. Their role in keeping hair in good condition is priceless. Good oil should be the basic element of hair care and hair oiling treatment should become the part of our every week beauty routine. It’s good to know that there are several ways of hair oiling. Feel free to use them all or pick one or two that suit you most. Here’s the list of five best methods of hair oiling.

1. Overnight treatment.

Apply the chosen natural oil or especially prepared mixture of oils to dry hair and scalp. It is sensible to do a 10-15 minute massage which will enhance blood circulation in the scalp and allow the ingredients of oils penetrate to the inside of cells and nourish hair bulbs. Wrap your hair with a towel or put on a shower cap – you will avoid smudging your pillow during sleep but also provide hair and scalp with the heat that is well-liked by natural oils.

2. A two-hour lie-in.

If we don’t have time for the overnight treatment, we can apply the oil, leave it for two hours and then wash it away with a delicate shampoo. The whole procedure is exactly the same as in case of overnight oiling. The only difference is the time that the oil stays on hair.

3. Together with the conditioner.

Such a combination will enhance the power of the oil as the treatment will be enriched with ingredients of the conditioner. How is the oiling performed? Mix your favourite conditioner (preferably without silicones but enriched with proteins) with 2-3 drops of oil. Apply it to hair and after short time rinse it with water.

4. Oily spray.

We may also oil our hair by spraying a DIY mixture. Prepare an atomiser bottle. Pour oil, water or herbal brew into the bottle and add some hair conditioner. Spray oil is very handy. You can take it everywhere and apply it whenever you want during the day, both to dry and damp hair.

5. Diving.

This type of oiling is about immersing hair in a bowl (or washbasin) filled with water and 5-10 ml of natural oil. Instead of water you can use herbal brew e.g. camomile or nettle. Wrap the hair in a towel. After minimum one hour wash the rinse away with a delicate shampoo.