What exactly makes serum THE BEST? Nanobrow eyebrow serum

The dream about having stunning and thick eyebrows that don’t have to be brought out with makeup every day doesn’t have to be a dream! Just a good eyebrow serum – like Nanobrow – suffices to enhance your look with a clear frame made of your full-looking eyebrows.

Sit back and think for a while: How do you take care of your brows?

Permanent makeup, threading or using tweezers to shape brows, applying a brow pencil – well, this is not what can be included into the broad term of ‘eyebrow care’. The truth is, these procedures may deliver the opposite effect and weaken condition of brow hairs making them thinner are reluctant to grow.

How to reinforce and thicken brow hairs?

Since eyebrows are hair, they require adequate nourishment alike the hair that grows on the head. The essential portion of vitamins, minerals and proteins is delivered with regular use of an eyebrow serum, but only the serum which is specially designed to satisfy your needs.

The alternative to serum is offered by natural oils – the most popular one to be used on lashes and brows is castor oil, which is supposed to boost their growth. Indeed, this is an effective solution. However, the oil isn’t potent enough to rebuild severely damaged lashes nor is it able to stimulate their growth to such an extent as most people expect it to.

The maximal brow thickening and reinforcement can be provided only by a professional serum. One question arises though: How to find it?

What qualities make an eyelash serum the best?

Week by week the list of brow serums is getting extended because there are plenty of new products being launched into the market – all of them fight for being labeled as the finest.

It’s worth realizing that the best eyebrow serum has:

  • a well-composed formula – no ingredient should be included into the composition by accident, and the number of them should be narrowed to the minimum so as to prevent possible irritations;
  • a convenient applicator – the way which you have to apply the serum in should be maximally simplified, therefore it’s suggested choosing a serum that comes with a specially designed applicator to ease spreading the serum on eyebrows;
  • proven effectiveness – reviews should be taken as a reliable indicator providing you with information if a particular beauty product is cost-effective

Find out which eyebrow serum fulfills all the criteria!

NO 1 among eyebrow serums

Nanobrow is an advanced product developed for those who fight for beautiful and clear eyebrows every day. When other methods fail, Nanobrow saves the day – it strengthens, intensifies colour, adds body to brows and simply makes them look better! This effect is owed to the set of carefully-selected ingredients.

How does Nanobrow work?

This is the only such product that doesn’t camouflage the problem, just like colour cosmetic do, but solves it. The serum works from the inside by regenerating and stimulating brow follicles to more efficient work. In this way the serum positively influences both the condition and look of eyebrows. Brow pencil, pomade and wax are no longer needed!

Just 2-4 weeks are enough to make eyebrows more beautiful since regular use of Nanobrow serum:

  • combats excessive loss of brow hairs
  • encourages new hair to grow
  • noticeably thickens eyebrows
  • makes brow darker and boosts their shine
  • increases elasticity, smooths them out and protects
  • enhances eyebrows

What are the ingredients?

Naturally, all the properties are credited to Nanobrow composition. The manufacturer collected everything that our brows need and closed it in a small black tube. You can find here a few nourishing, moisturizing and rebuilding substances combined with agents responsible for stimulating hair growth, protecting and reinforcing.

The most important ingredients of Nanobrow that are worth enumerating are: Baikal skullcap extract, soy extract, wheat extract, ginseng root extract, panthenol, glycerin and arginine.

What’s crucial, Nanobrow is an eyebrow serum that is free from parabens, synthetic aromas, colorants and other unwanted substances.

How to use this eyebrow serum?

A precise and convenient applicator, a lightweight and well-absorbed composition, potent and effective ingredients: all of this makes Nanobrow serum very pleasant to use. It isn’t even bothering that the serum has to be applied every day – just pick up a little serum on the applicator and spread it over the brow ridges. Done!

Fast and effortless. Nanobrow stays exactly where you apply it and penetrates skin immediately. Thanks to this, you can follow with other face care and colour cosmetics.

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