Peeling and Bio-cellulose face mask from StarSkin

Few days ago I announced test and review of two products from very popular lately StarSkin – peeling and bio-cellulose face mask. Today, I am back with the review of both cosmetics. Which one I liked best? How did they work? Will I buy them again?

I purchased both products in Douglas. Their price is affordable – I met cheaper and more expensive products in this category. Now, I would like to say why precisely StarSkin is the best manufacturer of face masks and peelings.

Peeling maskPeeling: Glowstar Foaming Peeling Perfection Puff

StarSkin Glowstar is nothing else but exfoliating sponge. In a discardable sachets is a sponge applicator (similar to those attached to powders, with structure resembling honeycomb) soaked with cosmetic. In the composition of peeling are present among many: natural acids (AHA), carrot extract and broccoli extract. The sponge is designed in a way to most effectively remove dead skin cells, make skin radiant, flatten wrinkles and prepare skin for the face mask from the same line. The scent of peeling is quite pleasant, cosmetic also foams a lot. By putting the sponge on fingers, you can easily perform facial massage. In fact, the simplicity of application makes peeling even more pleasant. After few minutes treatment with StarSkin, skin is very smooth, delicate and slightly red, which is a good sign, because it indicates that circulation was boosted and active substances are being absorbed. Peeling is quite delicate, does not cause irritations or allergies. I had no problem with this product and I am really fond of the sponge attached to the cosmetic – it is much better solution than application of coarse peeling with hands.

Bio-cellulose maskMaska: Coconut Bio-Cellulose Second Skin Face

StarSkin face mask is a product with moisturising, smoothing, anti-ageing and protective properties. Mask has a form of gel sheet for the entire face and can be used on every skin type, but in particular on mature skin. I really like this form, because we take soaked with cosmetic sheet out of hygienic sachet. It is a thin sheet covering entire face surface with holes for eyes, nostrils and mouth. The product with which the mask is soaked with is a bio-cellulose that is acquired in the process of coconut oil fermentation. It has fresh scent and perfectly lies on face, providing absorption of active substances. Contrary to my fears, application of mask was not that difficult. 20 minutes is enough, but I kept mask for half an hour for more intense effect. I did not feel any kind of tightness, prickling, irritations, only very pleasing cool. You can truly relax with StarSkin face mask. After removing StarSkin Bio-Cellulose Mask, my skin was deeply moisturised, delicate in touch and velvety soft.

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