Ceramides – What is it?

Our skin and hair are made of really small and invisible to human eye, ingredients. Those are ceramides, which are chemical organic compounds that can be count to lipids. They have really important role in functioning of epidermis, dermis and hair. After all, they protect against extreme temperatures, sun radiation, air pollution and other harmful factors from external world. What is more, they preserve right level of hydration, provide elasticity and even skin complexion, help with preservation of right temperature and improve absorption of nourishing ingredients contained in cosmetics. Unfortunately, ceramides are not as resilient as we may think. What can damage them?

ceramides.jpgWith age, level of ceramides decreases. With people over 40 years old, production of those particles stops entirely. Unfavourable impact on ceramides has also soap, detergents, hair treatments (colourisation, permanent wave, straightening, blow drying) and UV radiation. As a result skin and hair are less resistant to mechanical and chemical damages. Hair become dry, brittle and damaged as well as matt and subjected to falling out. Hair bulbs are weak and follicles – are not capable of “preparing” the growth of new hair. On top of that, skin is dry, flaking and rough. On its surface appear wrinkles and discolourations, skin loses its natural elasticity and firmness and its condition worsens. Luckily, in dragstores and pharmacies we can purchase cosmetics, which will fill deficits of ceramides and improve condition of hair and skin.

Ceramides are being synthetically manufactured. Its structure resembles natural ceramides; they way of influencing skin and hair is almost identical. After application of cosmetic, ceramides create protective barrier, which helps in restoring intercellular links. Despite of having local action, cosmetologists confirm effectiveness of such treatments. Thanks to them, skin and hair are moisturised, regenerated and more importantly – gain protection. Currently are being run research on the effectiveness of mix of ceramides, fatty acids and cholesterol. It seems like results are promising.

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