DIY Hair mask with chia

Hair masks became really popular lately. We buy them at drugstores and pharmacies or make them by ourselves at home. One of those home-made cosmetics is hair mask with chia. Sounds mysterious? See for yourself, what are effects of the treatment with this cosmetic.

Chia is in other words Salvia hispanica. This plant can be used as an equivalent of flaxseed. Both have similar properties and look alike. Hair mask with chia can be made in two different ways: as a light cosmetic used after hair wash or more full-bodied product applied before hair wash.

chia.jpgHair mask with chia before hair wash

Start with preparation of chia seeds. You just have to soak them in warm water. Seeds will cover with gel-like capsule shells, which later moisturise and condition hair and scalp. Seeds cannot be boiled! Instead of this ingredient you can always use flaxseed. To the potion add: linseed oil, Amla oil, hyaluronic acid and your favourite hair mask. The amount of the entire hair mask match with the length, volume and level of damage of your hair. The best thing about this recipe is that you do not have to be thorough with the amount of ingredients – do it the way you want to. Apply hair mask on hair about an hour before hair wash. After this time wash hair with conditioner or gentle shampoo.

Light hair mask with chia

Soak chia seeds and add rest of ingredients. Those can be: hyaluronic acid, keratin, cosmetic paraffin, elastin, collagen, D-penthanol, your favourite hair mask or conditioner. Prepared product apply on hair and rinse after 15 minutes, then thoroughly wash hair. Dry hair with cold air or leave them to dry on their own. Thanks to chia hair mask your scalp and hair will be moisturised, smoother and glossy.

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