How to make your suntan last longer? Tried and tested methods and tricks

Summer is slowly coming to an end. Most of us, however, would like to keep the olive or chocolate skin as long as possible. How to make it happen? CheckĀ  these well-tried methods of keeping suntan.

A few easy tricks

Do an exfoliating scrub before sunbathing. In this way, you will remove dead skin cells which could make getting even suntan harder. What’s more, the scrub will smoothen fine wrinkles and even your skin colouration. You can do the same treatment after sunbathing as well. Your skin will be nicer and more shiny. What’s the second way of keeping suntan? Use a sunscreen before and during exposure to sun. In this way you will protect your skin from sunburns and get even and intensive suntan. Also, moisturizing the skin will let you maintain nice tan. Use restoring and soothing creams. Providing the organism with water is also essential. You should drink about one litre a day.

Suntan Lotion Woman Applying Sunscreen Solar Cream. Beautiful haDiet and vitamins

Proper diet and dietary supplements also help to keep nice suntan. Eat products rich in beta carotene and vitamin A. These precious substances will be found in carrots, tomatoes, pepper and other orange and red fruit and vegetables. Both vitamine A and beta carotene provide skin with brown shade. Nutricosmetics, dietary supplements having positive impact on the skin and the whole organism, perform in a similar way. They give the skin brown or olive colour.

Sunbathing – what next?

Powders, bronzing balms and self-tanners will also extend the life of your tan. While applying them, remember to be careful to avoid streaks and spots. Sunbed is also a good idea but remember not to overuse it as you can get yourself a skin cancer. Thanks to sunbeds and self-tanners you can enjoy suntan all year around.

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