Which Castor Oil is the Best? We Know It!

Castor oil is extremely popular among girls, hair-care buffs in particular. Its hair-growth boosting effect is raved about on every other beauty blog. Naturally, you don’t need to use just on hair! See the best-selling castor oils and add one to your daily routine. Satisfaction is guaranteed!

The cosmetics industry uses over 100 different oils but there are only a few that are known worldwide. Castor bean oil is among the less exotic ones and it’s become very popular as a hair growth booster and natural conditioner making lashes and brows thicker. Still, there are plenty of other things you can use this simple-looking oil for. What beauty benefits does castor oil bring?

Castor oil: composition, properties, effects

The thickness of castor oil is what makes it different from other oils. This is one of the thickest natural oils you can use for beauty purposes but this feature is in no way an obstacle because it’s a water-soluble oil (as the only oil!). Thanks to that, you can dilute or mix it with other oils, and add it to other cosmetics as a strongly-nourishing addition.

The great thing about castor oil is the unique ricinoleic acid which has hydrating and antibacterial effects. Apart from the acid, it is a source of some well-known ingredients like vitamins (A, E, B) and saturated fatty acids. Thanks to the components, castor oil:

  • has a hydrating effect.
  • soothes irritations.
  • strengthens, thickens and stimulates faster growth.
  • darkens hair, brows and lashes.
  • minimizes acne and dark spots.
  • makes hair less oily.
  • helps get rid of persistent dandruff.

On top of that, castor oil is widely available and cheaper than some exotic, less-known oils. It is going to live up to all of your beauty expectations if you choose the right one.

The best castor oils. Which one to pick?

Many people suggest buying it at the chemist’s but castor oil sold there is meant for internal uses. If you want to use it externally, choose castor oil for beauty purposes. Ideally, find one which is cold-pressed, unrefined and slightly less thick so it’s easier to apply it on hair or skin.

Of course, you may get tempted by the price or brand’s popularity but reviews prove to be the best source of information. Let’s choose best-selling and top-rated castor oils. We round up ones with the highest opinions and most users.

1. Nanoil Castor Oil

SIZE: 50 ml

any type of hair and skin, body, nails, lashes, brows, beard and moustache grooming

the best hair oil Nanoil

Organic beauty oils by Nanoil are best-sellers among users seeking highest quality. Cold-pressed, unrefined, pure castor oil from Nanoil is recommended by experts because it’s both effective and suitable for vegans, 100% organic. Only 2 or 3 drops are enough to make the skin soft again or soothe symptoms of acne. In combination with carrier oil, it makes a perfect blend for OCM (oil cleansing method). When it comes to benefits for hair, castor oil has a strengthening, smoothing and shine-enhancing effect while regular application minimizes hair loss, thickens and makes hair grow faster in the long run.

Go to www.nanoil.us and get to know Nanoil Castor Oil better.

2. Kate Blanc Cosmetics Castor Oil

SIZE: 60 ml

eyebrows and eyelashes, extremely dry skin, damaged hair

Kate Blanc Cosmetics provides a bigger bottle filled with castor oil and two extra applicators: apart from a standard dropper, we get a thin brush and mascara-like wand. This organic castor oil is designed for brow and lash care but you can also use it on the skin or hair worry-free. Regular application is necessary for noticeable effects. The Kate Blanc Castor Oil has hardly any smell or color while its thickness shouldn’t cause problems with the usage. This is a noteworthy castor oil. The price shouldn’t ruin your budget.

3. Satin Naturel Castor Oil

SIZE: 200 ml

hair breakage, brittle nails, flaking skin

Speaking of the best natural castor oils, we can’t skip one from Satin Naturel. The German brand offers fancy-looking oils, including castor oil. It’s cold-pressed, unrefined and 100% pure, free from unnecessary additives. That is why it fulfils many roles. Too bad this is also one of the most expensive castor oils. The high price isn’t fair for the effect it produces. What does it do exactly? It strengthens brittle hair and nails, and helps to soothe dry and flaking skins. The oil is really thick so the application may be troublesome and you’ll need to mix it with other oils or use it only on damp skin or hair.

4. Earth To You Castor Oil

SIZE: 100 ml

eyelashes, eyebrows, hair, face skin

If a competition for the priciest castor oil was organized, then Earth To You Castor Oil would definitely take the first place. Obviously, we rank the products that have the highest quality, not the price. The brand from London put organic, cold-pressed, unrefined castor oil into a very elegant glass bottle. The product seems to be overpriced. It’s made for daily skin and hair care routine. It comes with accessories: a dropper and small bottle with a brush so you can use it as a natural brow or lash serum easily.

5. Junglück Castor Oil

SIZE: 100 ml

dry, weak hair, dehydrated skin, body care

You can also try castor oil from another German brand called Junglück. A minimalist, dark glass bottle houses cold-pressed, unrefined castor bean oil from controlled crops in India. You can use it in a variety of ways, to moisturize and strengthen the hair, soothe dry and irritated face skin, or nourish the skin all over the body. It isn’t a best-seller but it definitely works out well in the competition for the best castor oils for home use.