Dry or Wet Hair Oil Treatment? Successful Haircare Routine

Hair oil treatment undoubtedly makes an excellent, natural and effective haircare method. There are lots of ways of applying oils. Which one’s best? Oiling wet or dry hair?

Asian women have the biggest knowledge about oiling. It’s a tradition for them. Coconut oil is the most common in Asian countries, used as a protection against the blistering sun. This oil is best for low porosity hair – dark and thick. We like to get inspired by the Ayurvedic beauty care methods but we don’t merely copy them. Our hairdos might be completely different, needing a different haircare routine and products.

Remember that you need to choose the oil’s type and application right for you with the trial and error method. Why? There isn’t one universal hair oiling method. Everything depends on the hair type, porosity, its general condition and the effects you’re after. One oil is going to boost growth whereas another one increases sheen.

A question arises – how do I know which application of oils is best for me? Not to get discouraged, at first use one of the most popular methods – wet or dry hair oil treatment.

How to apply oils to dry hair?

Oiling dry hair is the easiest way. Choose one oil and apply it to dry strands. Do it before or after washing. It’s possible you’ll have to rewash to avoid greasy strands because of the oil which hasn’t been absorbed. It’s usually recommended to apply oils to hair ends or from mid-lengths. Still, feel free to apply them to the roots and rub into the scalp – on condition they’re natural and these aren’t essential oils.

Once you’ve applied an oil, make a braid or a bun and secure hair with a shower cap or warm towel. Higher temperature makes an oil fast-absorbing. How long to leave the oil in? The application takes a few mins, unless you want to massage the scalp. Let the oil sit in longer – minimum half an hour yet an overnight treatment is a good solution, too. Finish dry hair oiling with a regular hair wash.

How to apply oils to wet hair?

Actually, this method is similar to the previous one. Here, you simply apply an oil to wet hair – either wet the strands with warm water or wash the hair and apply an oil. After one or several hours with a shower cap on, you should rewash the hair with a regular shampoo. Wet hair oil treatment is most recommended when your hair is damaged because water lets the oil penetrate the hair better.

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