To the rescue of dry and dull hair. When to start applying oils to the hair ?

Natural vegetable oils are the source of vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids necessary for our hair. They are great not only for your diet but also for beauty purposes. Check out when to reach for them.

Some people claim that there is nothing better for hair than a regular conditioner or a mask. Especially the one made of ingredients found in every kitchen, such as honey, yoghurt, eggs, etc. Others argue that it is worth including natural plant oils into the day-to-day hair care. Why oils? Because they are responsible for proper hydration level, nourishment, strengthening and providing protection to the hair.

Moreover, oils are a source of fatty acids that are a natural component that builds our hair. They hydrolipid layer that provides us with protection from external factors and minimizes the water loss from hair and skin is made of fatty acids. However, it is not the only thing that vegetable oils contain. They also comprise vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Nevertheless, before you go for an oil, you must first determine which one will be most suitable for your hair type. Therefore, you can either take an online test or schedule an appointment to a trichologist in order to define your particular hair type. This knowledge will make it easier for you to select the right oil and the results of oil hair treatment will be quicker, better and even longer-lasting.

There is one more question still to be answered: when to start hair oiling?

When? Whenever you are struggling with hair or scalp-related problems. 

Hair oiling is the only natural way of hair care that works well for all hair types. Yes, it is possible due to the fact that among the diversity of oils available on the market, you are able to find the one to match your hair’s needs. Oils are the best remedy whenever:

  • you have a problem with excessive sebum secretion,
  • you couldn’t get rid of dandruff,
  • your hair is damaged, brittle and splitting,
  • the hair needs extra sun protection,
  • you want to prevent the colour from fading and the hair from becoming dull,
  • your hair lacks moisture and nourishment,
  • you are planning to grow your hair longer,
  • you are looking for means to inhibit hair loss.

When? Preferably at every hair wash. 

Definitely much better effects are obtained thanks to a regular hair oiling because a single treatment will not be able to restore its great condition. An optimum solution is to wash your hair, for instance, every two days. Then, you will be able to apply oils before shampooing. Although you need to know that it has not really been said when to apply oil to your hair, however, we can do it every day, every week or twice a month. It is important to be systematic at the same time.

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