How to Apply Mascara the Right Way?

Lashes make up the key element of women’s looks. They’re largely responsible for the attractiveness and add charm to your face. It hasn’t changed for decades. Just take a look at the long dark eyelashes of actresses, movies with the beauty icon Marilyn Monroe, lengthy eyelashes of today’s celebrities, bloggers, vloggers and IT-girls.

The lash makeup matters; wrongly-applied mascara spoils the entire makeup. How to coat the lashes the right way? Here’s a mini guide.

1. It’s the mascara’s quality that’s important, not the quantity.

You should choose the one that features high-quality pigments and has a bit powdery consistency. In this way you’re going to get a stunning lash definition instead of clumps. Too bad the wrong mascara can make your lashes dry and damaged. When they start falling out, there’s one thing that can save them – a lash serum rebuilds eyelashes and promotes faster growth.

2. Pay attention to the brush.

If a wand is big and has sparsely-arranged bristles, the mascara fails to give a nice coating. While choosing a mascara, check the wand’s material, too. A silicone spiral gives the best coating. It nicely combs and precisely separates the eyelashes.

3. Mascara pumping while picking up the product.

Each of you knows this trick. Too bad it usually leads to the mascara drying out. The hardened product makes clumps which settle on your lashes.

4. Coat your lashes starting at the base.

In this way the wand can provide an excellent separation. The zigzag motion is a great hack – gently moving side-to-side to coat lashes with an ideal amount of the mascara.

5. Letting one coat dry before applying another is a common mistake.

A wet mascara is best to work with – you avoid clumps this way.

6. Avoid a lash curler. Using it regularly damages the lashes.

Nourishing and conditioning are the keys to beautiful eyelashes. Without it, even the best mascara is going to fail. 

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