How to fight the symptoms of dry skin?

Dry face skin may be really problematic since it reacts to the external factors like no other skin type. The source of the hypersensitivity may be the genes or incorrect daily care. See if you know how to care for dry skin.

What is dry skin like?

The surface of the dry skin is rough and tends to peel. If this is your type, you must know the typical discomfort – tight-feeling skin, redness, coarseness, etc. You must be aware that the dry skin is way more vulnerable to the harmful effect of the UVA radiation.

What causes dry skin?

The deficiency of sebum is the major cause of dryness while the improper functioning of sebaceous glands may flow from the hormonal imbalance. The overexposure to the sunlight also makes the skin dry so it’s good to remember about SPF creams to properly protect the skin. Also, some antibiotics dehydrate the skin. Isotretinoin is one of the medications used for treating acne and it leaves the skin very dry. Still, there are way more reasons why skin goes dry. They include:

  • psoriasis,
  • fish-skin disease,
  • atopic dermatitis,
  • thyroid insufficiency,
  • chronic renal failure,
  • contact dermatitis,
  • deficiency of vitamin A.

Moreover, the skin loses plumpness with time which also entails the loss of hydration.

What is the best dry skin care like?

Dry skin requires special care which should be based on two key elements: hydration and replenishment of the lipid layer. You need to go over the ingredients in your products because they should be free from alcohols. It’s common knowledge that ethanol dries out and irritates the skin, which hugely threatens this type of skin. Plenty of micellar waters or cleansers contain alcohol so it’s good to give them up for products such as mild alcohol-free mousses or oils which thoroughly remove make-up and deeply hydrate the skin. Try to choose products that are rich in:

  • shea butter – it delivers essential vitamins A and E which perfectly nourish and repair the skin;
  • urea – it is an extremely important ingredient that maintains the water and electrolyte balance;
  • vitamin C – it delays the skin aging process;
  • NMF – it holds water which goes through the callused skin;
  • lipids – chemical compounds that aim to replenish the lipid layer and repair dry skin.

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