Lashcode Mascara – Out-of-this-World Lashes Are No Longer Just an Illusion

Lashcode - the perfect mascaraLashcode is a multi-functional mascara which enhances both the good looks and the condition of eyelashes. Effects? Lashcode-coated lashes are longer, fuller and thicker, as well as nourished and regenerated. You don’t believe it? See it for yourself. Thanks to Lashcode, you’re going to keep looking in the mirror.

Eyelashes measured in kilometers

The length of lashes goes beyond limits. Not just the length, though. Apart from the extension, Lashcode gives eyelash volume and thickening with just one stroke of a spiral brush. Additionally, the mascara covers them with a raven color which lasts for 24 hours without clumps and flakes.

A spiral of beauty

Applying a mascara has never been so simple. Lashcode wand stands out thanks to an ergonomic shape and flawless size. The spiral adapts to every lash, no matter its length or location. Its middle part perfectly coats the longest and thinnest eyelashes with a satin black pigment. A narrowed tip reaches the shortest corner lashes. The optimal-size brush lets you apply the mascara to the lower lashes as well.

The material that the brush is made from is an extra asset of the Lashcode wand – durable silicone lets it precisely comb all lashes. Effect? Perfect extension and thickening plus volume intensification. Thanks to Lashcode, the problem of clumped lashes is going to pass away for good.

The explosion of a state-of-the-art formula

The top quality of Lashcode Mascara ingredients makes lashes both sensational-looking and well-conditioned.

Lashcode is a brilliant mascara. It makes use of one of the immanent features of hair and lashes – sorption, or the ability to absorb substances. As a result, all conditioning ingredients of Lashcode penetrate lashes, nourishing, repairing and moisturizing them.

Recipe for flawless eyelashes

Lashcode Mascara is a vitamin bomb for health and beauty. It is rich in lash-enhancing and beautifying substances such as:

  • Soybean Extract – strengthens lashes from the bulbs thus it stimulates growth and prevents them from aging and falling out. Soybean Extract moisturizes eyelashes thus adds shine.
  • Wheat Germ Extract – nourishes and regenerates eyelashes. Thanks to boosting moisture, it ensures smoothness, softness and elasticity.
  • Baikal Skullcap Root Extract – rich in flavonoids which delay aging processes; it works as a natural UV filter.
  • Pro-vitamin B5 (Panthenol) – moisturises lashes, smoothes and makes them elastic, improving their condition as a result.
  • Vitamin E (the vitamin of youthfulness) – has antioxidant qualities which block aging processes.
  • Arginine – facilitates the absorption of nutrients into lash follicles thus speeds up growth and keeps lashes from falling out.
  • Powdery Pigment – a regenerating, moisturising and nourishing black colorant.

Lashcode – love at first sight

Opinions about Lashcode aren’t divided. We happen to live busy lives and every woman dreams of a cosmetic which is both effective and multi-tasking. The one that gives the WOW effect and lets us save time at the same time. Lashcode Mascara is this kind of a product which guarantees gorgeous make-up and eyelash care. Lash extension, volume, density and ultra blackness without clumping or flaking? With Lashcode Mascara, it is possible.

WOW Effect? Lashcode Effect. 

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17 Comments “Lashcode Mascara – Out-of-this-World Lashes Are No Longer Just an Illusion”

  1. Daisy

    Everybody raves about this mascara! 🙂

  2. Ruth_P

    My mascara favorite, never had a better one <3

  3. Dana

    I’m curious how it’s gonna work on my demanding lashes..

  4. MinnieM

    I really love this mascara – hands down one of my favourites 🙂

  5. Jude77

    it looks realllyy tempting 😀

  6. Zoe

    I’m dying to try this one 🙂

  7. Belinda

    Love this post 🙂 I’m now hunting for mascara with some good natural ingredients 🙂

  8. Rossy8

    Im more into waterprooof mascaras

  9. Kiki

    I got this one and see eye to eye: it is amazing! I noticed my lashes look healthier. Recommend it 🙂

  10. Alba34

    The price is quite high but the effect- worth it 🙂 I love this type of brushes as they give best extension and REAL volume 🙂

  11. Alison_L

    Lashcode & I clicked the moment I first used it 😀

  12. Nairobi_CP

    to me it’s second to none

  13. Esther

    Spectacular ingredients for a mascara! I must give it a go 🙂

  14. Clara

    Hands down it’s this year’s cosmetic revelation, I’m not going to replace it in the near future 🙂

  15. Amanda

    It’s so easy to take if off which is a huge plus and of course my loooong lashes are awesome <3

  16. Joycce

    I’ve come across so many rave reviews and feel like I have to finally test it 🙂

  17. Maggie

    cool product!it doesn;t only give nice eye definition but actually makes my lashes stroger, they don’t fall out as much 🙂 10/10


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