Oceanic Long 4 Lashes Hair Regrowth Cosmetics

Long4Lashes is recommended as one of the most effective conditioners for lashes growth. Using its popularity and taking into consideration large interest in their products, brand decided to release Long4Lashes also for hair care. How does Long4Lashes work on hair?

Problem of hair loss has almost every fourth person. Furthermore, about 30-50% of women deal with hair weakening and excess hair loss. Long4Lashes is an answer to needs of people with weak and brittle hair prone to falling out. Set of developed with the highest quality cosmetics will provide effect of long, thick and strong hair.

Long4Lashes ShampooWhat is in the set of Long4Lashes for hair?

  • serum intensively stimulating hair growth Long4Lashes,
  • shampoo preventing hair loss Long4Lashes,
  • conditioner preventing hair loss Long4Lashes.

Concentrated formula of shampoo, conditioner and serum from Oceanic has complex properties. Effects speak for themselves. 76% hair less likely to fall out. 86% hair getting stronger. 86% reduced hair brittleness, improved hair shine and reduced scalp irritation. Those are not the only results noticed during the independent clinical tests.

Shampoo, conditioner and serum for hair Long4Lashes – properties

Long4Lashes serum is a product that intensively stimulates hair growth and prevents hair loss. Oceanic Long4Lashes Shampoo prevents hair from falling out, eliminates problem of excess hair loss no matter the cause. On top of that, Long4Lashes conditioner provides strengthening, intensive regeneration and moisture of weak hair.

It is all a merit of Tetraxidylum, an innovative complex of concentrated active substances. They are responsible for stimulation of micro-circulation, nourishment and revitalisation of streaks. Therefore, properties of Long4Lashes for hair start at bulbs, which are strengthen and better rooted in skin. Allantoin, additionally soothes irritations and provides calm to sensitive skin.

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