Perfect sculptor. Mascara L’oreal False Lash Wings Sculpt

L’Oreal proudly claims that it will defend the right to beauty, that everyone – no matter the gender or race – are equal, i.e. “worth it”. As it was stated in their manifesto, they are “the world’s leader in the field of beauty”. They are not afraid of diversity, because people are diverse. It is clearly visible in created by L’Oreal products, which are: modern, great quality, innovative and surprising. This brand is definitely not afraid of challenges and almost every season they launch new cosmetic that changes women’s perspective of make-up. That is what False Lash Wings Sculpt is. Small, blue mascara causes surprise and admiration. Why?

In the world of make-up bloggers and youtubers was a great fuss surrounding it even before it hit the stores. It is because brand sent samples of their product to all the most famous bloggers to test and assess it. The Internet filled with exclamation of love and delight.

Mascara belongs to False Lash Wings line, so it was obvious that you can expect something spectacular. After all, it is a line that on the first place puts intensity of eyelashes appearance; mascaras in this line have quite spectacular, dramatic look and surprise us with intense, black colour.

New, blue False Lash Wings Sculpt is called “the first eyelash creator” and according to manufacturer you can create three stunning lashes effects with it.

Mascara L’oreal False Lash Wings SculptWith use of Sculpt is promoted new make-up trend, i.e. “tightline. This trend is based on filling with colour, spaces between eyelashes. Such a precise line can optically thicken eyelashes at their roots and make eyes more expressive and look deeper. Until now, each one of us made “tightline” with help of eye pencil or eyeliner. Removal of such line was tiresome and time-consuming as well as damaging to eyelashes. What is more, the execution of the line required time, patience and precision. L’Oreal offers women perfectly filled with colour line, which is created quickly and effortlessly in the meantime of everyday make-up. What is more, it perfectly covers lashes line, is synchronised with eyelashes and shade of mascara – it provides effect of magnificent optical effect and professional thickening.

Innovation in this mascara is also a wand – unprecedented and surprising. Bristle is placed only on one side, so it more resembles an eyelash comb with three rows of bristle (in a cross section it resembles V letter) which are shorter at the tip of the wand and progressively increase their length. Their main task is to cover with mascara even the smallest eyelashes and make them more expressive. Shape of the wand allows to take enough of mascara for fascinating volume and to perfectly fill with colour spaces between eyelashes.

Manufacturer ensures that our eyelashes will undergo true metamorphosis. Without weakening of eyelashes with eye pencil, and with use of exclusively mascara, and with the guarantee of easy and non-invasive make-up removal. The effect is stunning. Two, three layers of mascara and suddenly, you see your eyes in entirely different edition, beautiful frame of thick, curled, precisely combed and separated, long and optically thickened eyelashes. It is like this mascara create beautiful monument to the glory of femininity. Eyelashes placed at the pedestal? Who wouldn’t want that?

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