Which eyelash serum is the best? See the ranking! [TOP 5]

Dream of long and full lashes? An effective lash serum is the best solution. Using eyelash serums aims to stimulate their growth while lengthening them and adding density at the same time. You don’t have to test every single product. Read through our top picks – 5 best lash serums!

Meet the ranking of the TOP 5 effective eyelash serums that really work!

1. Nanolash Eyelash Serum 

How does the Nanolash lash serum work? It’s a unique lash-enhancing conditioner that was made through many years of clinical research and most modern technology that enabled the creation of such an effective and safe product at the same time. The active Nanolash serum works from the first use and the effects are visible after just 10-15 days of regular application. The lash serum’s natural ingredients guarantee long-term effects. The serum’s components penetrate lash follicles, stimulate their growth and impact hair structure positively. Working from the inside, the Nanolash conditioner corrects eyelashes’ condition, thickens, darkens and hydrates them. The formula was developed by lab technicians so it doesn’t cause allergies or irritation. The serum contains peptides which stimulate lash growth, restorative biotin and hydrating panthenol. The Nanolash serum formula is a great source of active ingredients that promote the regeneration of weak and brittle lashes: soy and wheat germ extract, baicalein and ginseng. The product ensures soothing and anti-inflammatory qualities that have a positive effect on eyelids and the skin around them. It’s a recommended eyelash serum that helps make dreams of beautiful and full lashes come true. It’s suitable for people after chemotherapy, allergy sufferers and those who wear contact lenses. Learn more: www.nanolash.com

  • How often to use: Once a day
  • Effects: The first visible effects after just 10-15 days of use
  • Size: 3 ml

2. Lashcode Eyelash Serum 

The volume of a set of falsies? Lashcode makes it possible! Lashcode Eyelash Serum is a nurturing lash-enhancing conditioner that deeply regenerates weakened lash follicles. Its formula based on natural ingredients stimulates hair reconstruction and growth. Active ingredients such as peptides, arginine, baicalein, soy and wheat germ extracts promote faster lash growth, deepen the colour, add volume as well as hydrate so the hairs become stronger and less prone to damage. The Lashcode serum ensures intensive hydration and nourishment. It strengthens the follicles – the foundation of lashes – preventing them from falling out and breaking. The serum envelops every single lash with a protective barrier and boosts its shine. The moisturizing formula counteracts lash loss and thinning if you happen to rub your eyes or remove your makeup too roughly. In the span of a few weeks, you will achieve what you dreamed of – long, full, eye-catching eyelashes. Learn more: www.nanobrow.us

  • How often to use: Once a day
  • Effects: The first effects are visible after 2 weeks of regular use.
  • Size: 5 ml 

3. RevitaLash Eyelash Conditioner Advanced

The patented formula of the RevitaLash serum ensures deep hair nourishment and protection of its delicate structure. The serum helps improve the suppleness, hydration and shine of the lashes, providing them with essential nourishing ingredients. The product contains a tested active ingredients complex: nano peptides, amino acids, lipids, biotin, green tea, ginseng, sabal palm, wheat, ginkgo biloba, and calendula. This lash serum’s formula is based on plant extracts so it guarantees hydration, elasticity and nourishment of fragile lashes. It is advised to use it once a day at the roots. For many, the not-so-attractive price may be a disadvantage. The lash serum is a bit thicker than the rest of our propositions but it doesn’t get in the eyes, however, it contains an agent that increases the product’s viscosity.

  • How often to use: Once a day
  • Effects: The first effects are visible after 3-7 weeks of everyday use.
  • Size: 1 ml / 2 ml / 3.5 ml

4. RapidLash Eyelash Enhancing Serum

RapidLash Eyelash Enhancing Serum is a delicate and very effective lash serum at the same time, created in order to nourish, hydrate and thicken fragile and weak lashes. The serum is enriched with a specially-composed mix of six ingredients with high effectiveness: peptides, biotin, amino acids, panthenol, soybean oil and pumpkin seed extract. Perfect for breaking, thin, fair and short lashes. The formula coats every lash with a conditioning layer, shielding them from breaking and thinning. This recommended eyelash serum is a quick, easy and safe way to define natural eyelashes. Polypeptides, biotin, pumpkin seed extract and biotin are responsible for the conditioner’s effectiveness. The addition of soybean oil, rich in vitamins but also very greasy, makes the serum’s formula a little thicker than other lash serums. 

  • How often to use: Once a day
  • Effects: The first effects are visible after 8 weeks of everyday use.
  • Size: 3 ml

5. XLash PRO Eyelash Serum

XLash is an effective eyelash serum that strengthens delicate and weak lashes with the power of natural ingredients. The serum is dedicated to caring for, moisturizing and strengthening fragile and brittle lashes. The XLash PRO serum is a comprehensive combination that supports lash growth. The unique mix works in the span of 4 weeks, darkening and thickening eyelashes. The composition is free of any oils, is delicate for the skin and focuses on strengthening and protecting lash follicles. This means the product is safe to use if you wear eyelash extensions. It’s a recommended lash serum that has hydrolyzed wheat germ proteins that ensure reinforced, conditioned lashes that are stimulated to grow. You can find some reviews on the Internet that say the serum causes a burning sensation in the eye area. The use of this serum is not advised in the case of allergy sufferers – many of its ingredients, even though they’re of plant origin, might lead to an allergy reaction.

  • How often to use: Once a day
  • Effects: The first effects are noticeable after 4 weeks of regular use.
  • Size: 6 ml

We analyzed the ratings of many lash serum consumers that provided us with detailed specifics regarding their advantages, the comfort of use and effects, of course. After taking into consideration the opinions of numerous women, we’ve prepared a ranking of effective lash serums for eyelash growth to help you answer the question: which eyelash serum to choose.