Castor Oil – Are you sure you want to use it on your eyelashes?

It is one of cheapest and the most popular oils with very diverse use. It was known by our great grandmothers and they easily use it for all kinds of treatments. It worked as an antidote to all skin problems, like dryness, cracks, scars, stretch marks, laughter lines, to moisturise, condition hair, darken and nourish eyebrows. To this day plenty of women use it even for their eyelashes to slightly darken and moisturise them. Is it really a good idea?

Castor OilWe have to mention that castor in itself is a strong poison and that was its use in the past. Among all, it was served to unwanted children in Africa in the form of soup. Ricinus communis was excessively used to deal with all disputes and feuds, served to inconvenient rivals, kings, standing in the way claimant to the throne… list of its deadly uses is immensely long.

Currently available castor oil was deprived of all the toxic properties, however it should be used carefully. In large amounts it can disturb work of mucosa, irritate it and cause dryness, those are reasons for which it shouldn’t be used for care of eyelashes. Even with the most careful application of oil, its trace amounts can access eye, during blinking and we do that even 25 times a minute.

Many women complained about  after the treatment with castor oil that their experience eyelashes loss. It is OK if loss is followed by growth of new and healthy lashes. It is worse if in their place do not grow new one. Castor oil works mostly on eyelashes surface and on the skin near them. It unfortunately does not penetrates eyelashes structure and does not stimulate improvement of bulbs condition, so if after this interference, eyelashes will not grow back on their own then it will be really difficult to make them grow, unless… you stop using castor oil and search for some specialistic eyelash conditioner. Those are products developed (tested by ophthalmologists and dermatologists) to penetrate skin and reach eyelashes bulbs and take care of their growth, appearance and condition at the roots. Such products have to be used for around 2-3 month. After full treatment, eyelashes become spectacularly long, thick and dense. Eyelash serums are really thoroughly described in the Internet, so it is truly easy to choose the right one for your needs.

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