Effective methods for blisters. How to avoid them?

Beautiful shoes vs. comfortable shoes. Most women want to have wardrobe filled with sexy high-heels. There is just one problem, though. High-heels will never be as comfortable as plimsolls. Usually after first night out in new shoes you come back with blisters. How to avoid that? There are few effective methods for that.

Blisters are usually common in the summer. It is related with multiple factors. In the summer, temperature is higher, so feet tend to sweat more and are more often swollen. Shoes have all kinds of shapes and cuts. They are usually made of materials a bit thicker or just synthetic. Combination of all that results with… painful blister.


1. You have to wear in the shoes

Each model needs to be wear in and it should not be done during, for instance the reception. Before any party or night out you should wear shoes around the house, so their shape would match the shape of feet. It is worth to protect foot with a sock during the house walk, so to avoid blisters. The sock will also additionally stretch shoes a little bit and eliminate pressure.

2. You should invest in inserts

The best solution for an uncomfortable shoes are gel inserts. Placed behind the heel will protected against blisters. However, if you place them under toes, they will perfectly cushion body weight, which (especially in high-heels) focuses on feet.

3. You can soften the shoe counters

Blisters are the most common for heels. Hard part of the shoe is often not fitted to the feet shape. During walking they injure delicate skin and that results with painful blisters. Shoe counters can be soaked with spirit or cracked with the hammer. In many shoe shops are available also spray preparations dedicated for softening of inner shoe parts. In both cases shoe should fit perfectly.

4. Limit sweating of feet

Large part of blisters is being created because feet movement in the shoe. You should avoid excess friction. To do that you can limit sweating by use of special talc. The alternative is purchase of non-slip socks.

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