Oily Hair: We Present 4 Most Common Causes

Flat, stringy hair and unfresh scalp – this is what excessive oil production appears through. The condition is caused by overactivity of sebaceous glands producing too much oil. However, there are lots of reasons why it happens, ranging from genetic predispositions and unsuitable products to combination of a few different factors. To make things worse, oily hair is often weak and thinning at the same time. By reading on you can find out about 4 most common causes of greasy hair. 

In most cases hair isn’t greasy throughout the length. Usually the scalp and the roots of hair are unfresh while lengths are dry. The hair looks dirty and definitely not well taken care of! It’s no wonder we want to wash it ASAP and get the lovely, fresh look again. If your hair gets greasy just a couple of hours from washing, this definitely means you’ve got a problem with excessive oiliness. If this sounds familiar and you want to restore balance, first you need to learn the possible causes of this condition.

Characteristic features of oily hair

  • hair loses the fresh look very fast
  • the roots are flat and unfresh
  • lengths are dry and stringy
  • hair may be thinning too

Who is affected by oily hair?

The problem is very popular among teenagers because their hormones go wild. What’s interesting is that it is more common among men. Oily hair also bothers smokers and people who struggle with thyroid disorders, insomnia and constant stress.

What are the most common causes of oily hair?

1. Unsuitable products

When hair gets oily we wash it often to keep it fresh. Unfortunately this may be the reason for greasy strands. You may be using strong detergents and shampoos containing SLS, SLES, ethanol. This type of product causes dryness of the scalp which leads to excessive secretion of oil and greasy hair.

2. Skipping the scalp care

Our bathroom shelves bend under the weight of hair conditioners and masks but scalp exfoliant is still rare. The lack of regular exfoliation may be the reason why your scalp is oily! A good exfoliant removes dead epidermis but also moisturizes the skin.

3. Genetic predisposition, hormonal imbalance, thyroid disorders

One of these factors may be the cause of your hair getting oily. In this case even suitable hair and scalp care may fail to bring desired effects. You can’t downplay such conditions. Get some tests done and visit a trichologist who prescirbes the right treatments or performs professional therapies that will make your scalp better fast.

4. Unhealthy diet & vitamin deficiencies

We all know that the food we eat affects our good looks. The last common cause of oily hair is bad diet and not providing the optimal amount of vitamins. Deficiency of vitamin C and B may lead to hair loss and oily scalp. Besides that, a diet based on unhealthy high-fat meals, smoking cigarettes and overdrinking alcohol have bad consequences for the body, including the hair.

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