Moisture Protect Philips – new hair dryer

Hair dryer is an irreplaceable gadget useful to every woman. Thanks to a dryer we can style, curl and straighten our hair. Philips has launched a new product quite recently – Moisture Protect dryer. Surely, many women will test it. Moisture Protect is the ...Read More

When should you replace your mascara?

Mascara is one of the most frequently used make-up products. In its popularity it outrivals even lipstick. An average woman uses about 250 bottles of mascara in her lifetime. It is one of those products we cannot (and do not want to) live without. ...Read More

Lipstick – long life in a short biography

The moment you finish reading this article, at least 10 women around the world will get themsleves a new lipstick. According to statistics, each of us eats more or less 6-8 pounds of lipstick in a lifetime. Over 90% of women carry a lipstick ...Read More

DIY Hair mask with chia

Hair masks became really popular lately. We buy them at drugstores and pharmacies or make them by ourselves at home. One of those home-made cosmetics is hair mask with chia. Sounds mysterious? See for yourself, what are effects of the treatment with this cosmetic. ...Read More

Ceramides – What is it?

Our skin and hair are made of really small and invisible to human eye, ingredients. Those are ceramides, which are chemical organic compounds that can be count to lipids. They have really important role in functioning of epidermis, dermis and hair. After all, they ...Read More